NEW PUBLIC ART: The “Arch on Old Falls” Comes to Life


On July 13, 2018 we were excited to unveil the “Arch on Old Falls” created by local artist and sculptor, Jesse Walp.  This public art piece was commissioned by USA Niagara Development, taking over a year to plan, materialize and complete.

The “arch” was installed with a team of helpers, and now sits at the corner of Old Falls Street and First Street for onlookers to enjoy.  Use this link to see the full gallery of photos, including a short video prepared by Villa Maria College documenting the project.

Artist Jesse Walp, with (left to right) Paul Tronolone, (USA Niagara), Mayor Paul Dyster (City of Niagara Falls) and Assemblyman Angelo Morinello (State of New York).

Production Notes:  The work is 14 feet wide and 26 feet tall.  Jesse Walp received help from his colleagues Cory Butler, Travis Mills and Cooper McDonald.  The metal tubes were bent and fabricated by Jentsch & Co. of Buffalo.

A Short News Video from Channel 4 (WIVB-Buffalo):

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