We have a number of great places to eat on Old Falls Street, including freshly-made cuisine as diverse as the visitors and tourists to Niagara Falls.  Here is a list of the delicious food options on our street:

Your Gateway to Niagara Falls State Park

Old Falls Street – The Park Block, between Prospect St. & Rainbow Blvd.
  • Freddie & Cal’s Corner Bar (OFS Kiosk, Beer & Wine)
  • The Kabob King (Halal, Mediterranean)
  • Kathi Roll by the Falls (Indian Cuisine)
  • Madras Express (Indian, Vegetarian)
  • Mother Clucker’s (Peri Peri Chicken & More)
  • Mackinali’s (Deli & Bakery Shop)
  • Let’s Sea (Fish n’ Chips, Seafood, Hoagies)
  • Mario’s Pizza (New York Style Thin)
  • Flip Burger (Burgers, Fries, Ice Cream)
  • Hard Rock Cafe’ (Bar & Grill)
  • The Dosa Hut (Indian Cuisine)
  • Royal Dragon (Asian Noodle Bar & Grill, coming soon)
Old Falls Street – The Middle Block, between Rainbow Blvd & First St.
  • Savor Restaurant (Culinary Institute, Full-Service)
  • la Patisserie (Culinary Bakery & Cafe’)
  • Barnes & Noble (Bookstore & Convenience)
  • Papa John’s (Pizza & More)
  • Legends Bar (Cocktails, Beer, Wine)
  • The Giacomo Lobby Bar (Cocktails, Beer, Wine)
Old Falls Street – The Conference Block, between First St. & Third St.
  • T.G.I. Friday’s (Bar & Grill)
  • Rainforest Cafe’ (Bar & Grill)
  • Starbucks (Coffee, Snacks)
  • Sweet Treats (Snacks, Ice Cream)

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