Special Events

Dear Community Partners & Guests,

Due to the current New York State PAUSE Executive Order, stating that no non-essential gatherings can be held in one venue, Old Falls Street, USA is cancelling all outdoor programming for the months of May, June, July and August, 2020. We will announce at a later date what the community can expect after September 1.

Old Falls Street, USA is an open, public street serving as a gateway to Niagara Falls State Park. We will not be adding extra programming during these months. We plan to have a very small number of workers on rotation to keep the street clean from garbage and debris. Furthermore, during this period we will not be providing leisure games or large amounts of public seating for people to congregate.

During holiday and large special events, Old Falls Street is often closed to vehicle traffic so that the party fun can make use of the street, too.  This includes tents, pop-up vendors, bounce toys for children, seating for concerts and plenty of places to eat.  If you are interested in hosting a “new” event on Old Falls Street, please contact us to begin planning.

List of Special Events for 2020  [Some event details t.b.d.]

Memorial Day Weekend(cancelled 2020)

Localfest – Summer Kickoff — (postponed 2020)

4th of July Weekend(cancelled 2020)

Empire State Ride(cancelled 2020)

Kids’ Day — (cancelled 2020)

Dog Day(cancelled 2020)

Labor Day Weekend — (cancelled 2020)

Niagara Falls Blues Festival(cancelled 2020)

Old Falls Street Oktoberfest(cancelled 2020)

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